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If the rest of this website didn't answer your questions, here are a few things that I often get asked for:

> Author photos (You can use these if you credit the photographer.)

>Author biography

> A longer biography, from the Nobel website

> A press kit? I don't have one..

> Reassurance that LHC won't blow up the universe. It won't; you have my word and that of Betsy Devine.



Contact information

The fastest way to ask a quick question is by using the contact form below. Questions about physics - or anything else - that you honestly think I'm uniquely equipped to answer are welcome. So are appreciative comments or even small doses of constructive criticism. Messages that can be answered briefly will elicit response in a finite amount of time. Questions you could answer yourself using Google, advertisements for pet theories, and rambling rants will get no response at all. And please don't try to sell me anything! .

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My life in physics

If you are a physicist, looking for physics-related information, my faculty webpage on the MIT website is where you should look for it.


I just recently re-organized and updated my selected list of publications (that's a pdf file).